Adam Lambert & Queen – What a concert!

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The loss of the great Freddie Mercury as the front man of super group Queen left a vacancy too great to fill.  His voice, remarkable and unmistakeable.  His energy and showmanship – one of a kind.  Such a loss to the music world.

Years later, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert takes the stage with an epic voice, performing at a level not seen before or since on Idol (in my opinion).  He had millions of viewers spellbound.  How he didn’t win, I’ll never understand but was there any doubt he’d be successful? A star was born.  And he performed with Queen on the show – there was something so perfect about it.

When my sister called me early this year to let me know that Adam Lambert and Queen would be performing near us, it took about a second for me to reply “I’m in”.   This had to be good.

And it wasn’t just good, it was LEGENDARY.  Crafted with songs we love, performed with panache, camp and those guitar riffs that can only be Queen.  And within this rock and roll concert, moments of poignancy and tenderness as Adam and the band paid tribute to Freddie Mercury.  With the beauty of technology, Freddie performed again with Queen and in duet with Adam.  It was special and magical.

And though he left us too soon, I have to believe that somewhere, Freddie is smiling. I know I was.


2 thoughts on “Adam Lambert & Queen – What a concert!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more…he is the perfect frontman for Queen. With Adam singing lead, I fell in love with songs from Queen that I never would have listened to otherwise, such as “Love Kills”, “Dragon Attack”, and “I was Born to Love You”. I was only familiar with some of their hits, but now I’m so much more appreciative of all their music, thanks to Adam. I saw them in Montreal in mid-July and was in awe of how great they all sound together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope I get a chance to see them again live- it was the best concert I’ve ever attended.

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