Roomba, My New Toy

I-Robot Roomba

I’ll admit, I’ve secretly coveted something my sister has for awhile now.  I never let her know how I felt, trying to take the higher road and knowing, someday, I could have it too.

As fate would have it, last week the stars aligned when my 30% off Kohls coupon arrived, coupled with a sale price, $30 in Kohls Cash and free shipping.  The universe sent me permission. And so, I did it. I bought an I-Robot Roomba.  Now admittedly, convenience was a factor.  After all I’m busy blogging now, taking yoga, traveling, meditating, creating gourmet meals for Spence but let’s not gild the lily. I’ve seen the youtube clips of cats, no smarter than my own, riding these Roombas while their owner’s floors were being cleaned.  The first time out of it’s docking bay, I was so fascinated that I didn’t have a camera at hand and missed Tipper and the Biscuit’s initial reaction.  And no, they didn’t hop on it. But it was hilarious, take my word for it.  Today, I decided to unleash it in my kitchen/yoga space/pop-up dance floor (that’s a story for another day) and it did a fine job.  The Biscuit was a bit less apprehensive this time out but when I suggested “hey kitten, hop on for a ride”, he shot me a look like “lay off the wine woman” and walked a safe distance away.  I decided not to force it. For now…

Biscotti checking out the Roomba
The Biscuit checks out the Roomba. “You don’t scare me you little alien”
The Biscuit observes and protects as the Roomba hovers near his food dish. “Not gonna ride it” thinks Biscotti.

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  1. we love our roomba 🌀 more time to walk the beach🐠 & meditate & yoga & essential oil creations & read blogs 😎

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