Birdwatching for Tipper & Biscotti

I’ve finally ordered new bookcase/shelf units to replace the rather wobbly ones that I’ve had forever. They are on back-order from Crate and Barrel with a vague “mid-July” expected delivery. Spence and I have dismantled the old shelves after painstakingly moving everything they held to a temporary holding area. The new shelves are wider (deeper and shorter as well) and this necessitated removing pictures and picture hooks. Which meant re-painting the wall and as long as I’m at it, repainting the adjacent wall that never looked right after the bathtub leak repair last year.

You may be thinking “I thought this was about your cats watching birds, Spence’s Girl? Way to drag out the story”….. Patience, I’m getting to it.

Our very large picture window has plantation shutters which are rarely opened and the “boys” hang out in their cat tree to watch the birds through the slats. But yesterday was a glorious high 60’s-low 70’s sunny day and I’d opened the shutters for better light while painting, opening the window to enjoy the breeze. Which brings me to Tipper and Biscotti bird-watching. ┬áIt happens that our huge tree is dropping cherries by the hundreds and every bird in at least five square miles is aware of it and flocking to feast on them. Tipper and Biscotti not only jumped up to watch, they parked there for at least five hours, occasionally switching positions. I’ve added captions to help you follow along: