In the Garden

After a week of sun and hot temps, my garden transitioned again as Zinnias, Lillies, Snapdragons and Hostas have burst into full bloom. Even between the bricks in my lower patio determined flowers are emerging, including the Snapdragon below.

Beauty in my garden 

We’ve finally had several days of what I call “serious rain”.

Enough that I have to dump the decorative pots holding some of my larger, deck-potted plants.

Enough that it doesn’t evaporate immediately after it stops and best of all sometimes falling all through the night.

As a result everything looks lush, green….and overgrown. I’ve been going out for 1-2 hours each day to dead-head, pull weeds and ground cover that has taken over.  While doing so today, I was thrilled to see that finally, one of my 3 hydrangeas has a blossom.  Snapdragons and moss roses are coming up in the cracks between pavers as successfully as the ones planted in containers and beds.

Even my garlic chives have flowered! Here’s what’s up in my garden oasis….

Volunteer Tomatoes!

Since the first warm days of spring, I noticed the beginnings of “volunteer” cherry tomato plants growing between our 9 foot tall white privacy fence and behind our gas grill.  As weeks have passed and many a hot, sultry day with ample rainfall, the plants have flourished beyond anything I’ve ever actually planted. The plants are full, lush and easily 4-5 feet tall, loaded heavy with tomatoes.

So pretty.

Week upon week, I’ve been waiting to see some red ones. As of a few days ago, I could see these beauties.

The ones closer to sunlight are still coming on strong but are very green.

I call them “volunteers” as they self-sprouted from the remnants of last years semi-successful, “cherry tomatoes in a big pot” container-gardening project.  Apparently, Mother Nature is a better vegetable gardener than I and liked this rather random, protected spot better. My “volunteer” cilantro is also coming up here with abandon.

As of today, I grabbed my colander and perching cautiously on the edge of the deck (trying not to take a header into the garden), I picked these beautifully ripened gems!


Much to my surprise, next to the jacuzzi, where last year’s grape tomatoes were growing in a pot, I have three very hearty grape tomato plants which are growing through the cracks in between my patio pavers.  Here’s proof!

These are still very green and many more blooms are on the plant.

I found a small trellis, put it into the pot (formerly from my “gone to seed” cilantro) and set it in front of the volunteers, giving the plants something to climb.

And right in the midst of the grape tomatoes, up pops a white snapdragon volunteer. You can see the yellow blossoms behind it – more grape tomatoes to come!