Cocktail Recipes with Rum Chata, Chambord & Bailey’s Irish Creme

Cocktail anyone?

This cocktail is one I came across on Facebook this morning and I can’t wait to make it.  It’s reminiscent of a cocktail I enjoy called Nuts N Berries, that recipe is below.

Nuts N Berries 

You will need Bailey’s Irish Creme, Chambord, club soda, crushed ice, a shot glass and a tall glass.

  • Fill your glass half full with crushed ice.
  • Fill a shot glass with Bailey’s, pour over ice.
  • Fill a shot glass with Chambord, pour over ice and Bailey’s.
  • Fill the remainder of the glass with club soda.  Stir with a straw and enjoy this refreshing cocktail.

As a twist for both cocktails, substitute the club soda and use a scoop of softened vanilla ice cream; add all ingredients to a blender for a delicious Hummer-type drink.