Self Care, part seven

Making yourself a priority is something everyone can benefit from. Whether dealing with loss, trauma, stress or life in general, it’s important to do something just for you, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Tune into what you need and take a self care break.

None of us knows how long we have, treat every day as a gift, make it count.

59 Candles, 59 Things – part forty one

Forty-ninth thing – The next thing that makes me happy is seeing someone I love following their passion and finding success.

I’ve mentioned my lifelong BFF many times on this blog.  She is one of the most nuturing, compassionate beings to walk the earth.  A wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, friend, lover of animals, she is a gifted writer as well.

“Happy to Be Me” is a children’s book featuring charming photography by the talented, Lauryn Goodvich.  Imagine a book impacting children to embrace the positive with each new day, understanding that happiness is a choice. Her positive, glass half-full perspective is evident in each carefully chosen word.

Since it’s publication, Karen and Lauryn have been traveling to schools, reading the book to students and fielding questions including their interest in writing and how the book came to be. Tomorrow is her book release open house and I couldn’t be more proud.

For those who follow me, you know I’ve chosen to not feature ads nor do product endorsements in exchange for samples (no judgements, just a choice).  That said, I’m recommending this book to any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend who wants a special gift for a child that is destined to become a favorite. Why? Because it makes me happy!

My personal copy!

This book can be purchased on Amazon by following this link:


There are plans for a second book in development……

Winter Scenes






I’ve never been a fan of winter. Not a skier, snowmobiler, ice skater or aficionado of ice fishing. But I’ve lived in Michigan by choice my whole life. I love our change of seasons but not the cold or slippery roads.

In an effort to think positive, I’ve decided to make a list of things I like about this season:

That first fluffy snow, big flakes that sparkle like glitter as they fall. If it arrives on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, that’s a bonus.

Watching the snow fall while sitting in front of a roaring fire with Spence, candles lit and a great bottle of wine with nowhere else we have to be.

Dressing in layers, warm cashmere sweaters, soft scarves and boots or fuzzy slippers.

Snuggling under down quilts with Spence, Tipper and Biscotti, safe and warm.

Seeing cardinals and blue birds at the bird feeder, that “pop” of color against the bleak landscape.

All day cooking marathons filling the house with aromas of casseroles, pot roasts, baking, soups and crockpot meals.

Spending time reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies and playing cards or dominoes with Spence during a blizzard.

The way trees look after an ice storm when the sun comes out, like a fairyland made of spun glass.

The certainty that spring will be here soon.