“Do you ever get a sign from Spence?”

Tonight granddaughter Kira dropped by with a Shepherds Pie made by daughter-in-law Tonya. It was the best Shepherds Pie I’ve ever had, every bite flavorful and satisfying. The food equivalent of a warm hug.

Spence never met Tonya, they would have loved each other. Shepherds Pie – if on a menu he’d order it every time. Seriously every time. I sat in his chair while enjoying this meal and thought, “yup this is a sign”

Tonya’s Shepherds Pie


For 25 years, I’ve been Spence’s Girl

St. Patrick’s Day marks the 25th anniversary for Spence and I.  Not our wedding day but the anniversary of when we became a couple.  We waited 18+ years to get married which gives us two celebrations each year, seven years married this July.

For the adventures we’ve shared and the life we’ve made together, I am so grateful and wouldn’t change a moment.  In each other, we’ve found our person.