Fifty….I mean Fifteen Shades of Biscotti

For those of you who have visited Spence’s Girl before, you’ve seen posts that feature my two cats, Tipper and Biscotti (aka The Biscuit).  Today’s post came about because of a blog I adore called Creekview Carol. Creekview Carol is a lovely black and white cat from Paris Kentucky who is a gifted writer and shares stories and photos about her siblings – both cats and furry beasts (or dogs).  It is highly entertaining, I always read it aloud to Biscotti and Tipper; they love seeing the pictures Carol posts.

Biscotti has been after me to do a “feature post” (his words) about him.  I didn’t catch on at first until I noticed he was constantly posing for me.  The Biscuit isn’t allowed to use my MacBook so the compromise is me blogging on his behalf. He helped to choose the photos and captions.

Here’s looking at you!

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And if you want a real treat, check out – it is a really great blog!

This explains a lot. 

My darling Biscotti has suddenly gone all whacka-doodle with our mini blinds in the last year. Not when he was a newly adopted feral kitten. That would make sense. Typically in the morning (when we are trying to sleep) he’ll go all cat-ninja. It makes an awful racket and he busted one of the blinds in the bathroom recently.

When I saw these pictures I realized that perhaps this is a problem in other homes as well.  😸

Any thoughts dear followers?

Not so subtle hints from Tipper and “the Biscuit”

My boys are sitting on the coolers which contain dry cat food. They think “look cute and she’ll feed us”.
I think “oh how cute, stay there while I take pictures of you”
Biscotti aka “the Biscuit” is sitting inside the basket where we keep the canned cat food he prefers. The thought process is as follows:  1. get in basket, warm food with your body heat and pose looking extra cute to draw attention  2. give them the “hungry eyes”  3. meow and shift to remind them that the cans are in the basket and that it’s uncomfortable to sit on them in a ploy to be fed.  Or something along those lines.
Tipper goes for it. Sometimes we aren't quick enough when serving the crunchy cookie like food that he loves.
Tipper goes for it. Sometimes we aren’t quick enough when serving the crunchy cookie-like food that he loves.
Biscotti believes that we buy cat food from Whole Foods and so he's ready to go shopping with me. Almost worked.....
Biscotti believes that we buy cat food from Whole Foods and so he’s ready to go shopping with me.
Almost worked…..
Take me with you!
Take me with you!