Attaining a Goal

I realize that I’ve been less consistent with my posting in recent weeks.  It isn’t for lack of wanting to blog but I’ve taken a few road trips, enjoying our beautiful fall weather and taking advantage of mild sunny days to dead-head and ready my garden for the cold winter ahead. I’ve been reading non-stop and binge watching shows recommended by friends and family. And though I’ve not mentioned it for awhile, I’ve been sticking with Weight Watchers.  

Having started the program on December 28, 2015, I’ve seen nothing short of miraculous results (for me) and hit my goal weight on July 28th.  In order to qualify as a lifetime member, I had to complete six consecutive weigh-ins (with a two pound leeway).  Between traveling and other conflicts, it took me until this Monday to get in the sixth weigh-in – and I did it!  I’m a Life Time Member!

I wanted to share this news with my followers who’ve been so kind and supportive.   Having turned sixty in May, attaining this goal feels great and has made a positive impact on my health.  Total loss = 33 lbs!

Oprah, thank you for speaking to me via your “If not now, when?” message on December 28th.  I wasn’t thinking about weight loss, having become complacent about the extra weight I was carrying around but I was moved into action by a force greater than myself.

Life is good, health is precious and I feel empowered by attaining this goal!