Travels in Canada – Lake Louise & Moraine Lake – part five

Thus far in my series “Travels in Canada”, I’ve posted photos that might beg the question “are these for real?”

The color of the water in this part of Alberta Canada, is a breathtaking mix of turquoise, teal, aqua, blue-green dependent on the depth, sun and clouds. The brilliance of these lakes is also explained by “rock flour”.

“The impressive colour comes from silt-like rock flour continually being carried into the lake by melt-water from the surrounding glaciers. The tiny and uniform particles become suspended in the water, refracting blue and green wavelengths of light.”

Suffice it to say, the pictures are for real. While standing on the shores, it defies description.

Travels in Canada – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – part three

When visiting Lake Louise, it’s hard to look away from the turquoise water surrounded by mountains in this breathtaking spot.  Even so, it’s impossible to miss the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.  Though we were staying elsewhere, we couldn’t resist strolling around the hotel, landscaped grounds and stopping at their exceptional Lakeview Lounge for drinks, enjoying a spectacular view.

What a stunning place this is and worth seeing!

Travels in Canada – Lake Louise & a wildlife sighting – part two

After hiking around Lake Louise, we grabbed snacks and a few much-needed, cold adult beverages at the Trailhead Cafe, sitting outside to enjoy the view.  After that, I headed over to visit the gift shop.

As I was looking at items on display, I heard this odd, scrunchy (is that a word?) sound along the shelves on the wall.

I sensed movement.

In stealth mode, I discreetly began looking for the source……

This is what I found.

To enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air, the gift shop leaves their doors open. I had a sense from the way in which the shopkeeper shooed him away that they’d encountered each other before.

Travels in Canada – Lake Louise, Alberta – part one

Spence and I adore traveling.  Before my retirement, my dear Canadian friend (and co-worker) Jess and I were discussing vacation spots. We started talking about Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Canmore and before you knew it, I was planning our trip.  As much as we’ve traveled, we’d never been to this magnificent part of Canada.  If it isn’t on your bucket list, it should be.  Traveling there in September, the weather was perfection as you can see. I’ll be recounting this amazing trip over the next few weeks in my new series, Travels in Canada. I hope you’ll follow along…