Worth Watching

I haven’t posted recommendations of movies in quite awhile. Spence and I frequently come away from the video store discouraged by the few good films being made and end up binge-watching TV shows via Netflix and HBO Now. I believe we aren’t alone. These two movies are well written, cast with truly talented actors and left us feeling entertained and happy for the time spent watching.


Starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman, “Trouble with the Curve” was watched on Father’s Day weekend, apopro with Amy Adams playing Clint Eastwood’s daughter.  The story had humor, family conflict and lots of heart interspersed with baseball.  As Clint Eastwood gets older, he just gets better and the story was one that stayed with us days later.  (2012)


“Danny Collins” stars Al Pacino in the title role as an aging rock star. With Christopher Plummer as his long-time manager, Jennifer Garner, Annette Bening and Bobby Canavale round out a cast that must have been a director’s dream.  The story was at times funny and touching taking interesting twists that made it unpredictable.  It is a story loosely based on a real-life folk singer, Steve Tilston which you learn when the credits roll adding another depth to the film.  (2015)


I’m a believer in recommending movies without recapping storylines as I personally hate when people give away too much.  For more info, simply Google these movies.