In the garden

After a predominately cold and rainy May in Michigan, June has already given a boost to my garden. In just a few days new flowers are emerging and so I’ll share what bloomed today with a promise of much more to follow, stay tuned…

In my garden this week

Within the last week, my irises and peonies are blooming, lily of the valley and bleeding hearts are finishing their cycle.  With a heavy rain last night following several hot days this week, my herb garden is starting to show growth as are my tomato and peppers plants. It’s a joy to share my oasis; this slideshow features my peonies, irises and some of the mixed flower and herb beds.

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Sunday’s Blooms – May 29, 2016


In Michigan, we’ve had summer like temps but little to no rain. As a result, the garden is growing quickly, everyday yielding new blooms. This morning I was thrilled to see even more blooms in the garden, including my Dwarf Korean Lilac.

FullSizeRender 375

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Much to my surprise, under the lilac bush, I found two of the feral kittens born about seven weeks ago on our porch.  I imagine that the fragrance of the lilacs is relaxing for them.

FullSizeRender 397
Clematis, one of three varieties I have around the garden

FullSizeRender 396
This first of many Clematis blossoms to come

FullSizeRender 416.jpg
The first of my poppies!

Lots of shades of purple and yellow abound.

As I strolled around this morning, I found several “volunteers” that I didn’t plant but am happy to see all the same.  My rule is, if it’s growing in a crack but it’s a flower, vegetable or herb – leave it be!

Garden explodes!

Too much?

All I know is that overnight I’ve seen my garden burst into bloom. From violets, lily of the valley and bluebells in phase one, my irises, peony tree, columbine and bleeding hearts are taking over. Soon, peonies and poppies will fill the flowerbeds and every vase I own.

It’s pure joy to watch a garden come to life.


Iris Re-boot 2015

A few days ago I caught a glimpse of something white as I was heading out to run some errands.  Putting the car in reverse I slowly backed up. This is what I saw.

What’s happening? It’s past mid-September….

Then the following day, more beautiful irises.  I was getting a re-boot!

What a lovely surprise from Mother Nature.  I walked around my yard looking for signs of more iris life within the green fronds that remained from the Spring bloom.  I did see another one with some promise, as long as our Michigan Autumn remains warm.  If so, I’ll be sharing them with all of you.

And my Mom, who loves these more than any other flowers in my garden.  A Fall bouquet for Mom, for sure!