Only in Japan: Hedgehog Cafe

This is fascinating to me and had to share this post from a blogger I follow.


Japan is well known for having a pretty big obsession with any and all animals that are even remotely cute. In Tokyo, Cat Cafes and Rabbit Cafes have become incredibly popular spots for locals and tourists alike. These cafes offer people the chance to interact with beautiful animals in a cute little cafe setting.

However, Tokyo is the kind of place where things just keep becoming more and more experimental. So it isn’t all that surprising that after not too long, cat and bunny cafes became kinda normal and people were looking for new ways to spice up the animal cafe business.

Enter the new kid on the block – Harry’s Cafe.

A hedgehog cafe.


Yup – your eyes are not deceiving you – that is a teeny tiny hedgie!


Harry’s Cafe is located a short one-minute walk from Roppongi Station in Tokyo. If you are trying to get…

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