Moving Mom Part Eight – or One Bittersweet Goodbye

March 10th – Today Mom and I both awake well rested, even sleeping in a bit. We do a little strategizing but then must freshen up and head out to meet her dear friend Colette for lunch and one bittersweet goodbye.

Backstory: My stepdad Chuck died of pancreatic cancer not long after they built this house we’re packing up. Hospice was called which helped Mom immeasurably in getting him through his final days at home.  Fast forward a few years, wanting to pay it forward she began volunteering for Hospice.  After working in various capacities she was assigned to work in their office for Colette, who supervises over 100 volunteers.  Colette, (a few years younger than me) and Mom just clicked.  When Mom had to give her notice due to her imminent move, it was a sad day – for them both – but not goodbye just yet.

Since Colette is very busy, Mom had her choose a date, time and place for lunch.  Mom and I arrived first and when she saw Colette, the two of them had a long embrace, both emerging with tearful eyes, which made me tear up as well.

Emotions in check, we placed our order for crepes – Chicken and Almond (Mom and I), Vegetable (Colette).

It was a spirited, fun lunch as we caught up on recent events.  Finally it was time for goodbyes, lots of hugs, a few tears; hopeful that their paths may cross again, knowing regardless that they’ll stay in touch.

Halotherapy, the Salt Room Experience

“Halotherapy is widely used in Europe as an all-natural, drug-free therapy that complements traditional medical treatment for a variety of respiratory and skin conditions, such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, common colds, congestion, sleep disorders and more.”  from Salinas Salt Room Spa

The Salt Room in Rochester Michigan
The Salt Room in Rochester Michigan and yes, the floor is all salt, as are the ceilings and walls.

I first heard about the salt room from my yoga guru, Jules. I was intrigued and thought “I’d like to do that”.  Then the holidays came and went as did my intent to follow through.  Enter my lifelong BFF who has been instrumental in my post-retirement exploration of new experiences.  She texted me suggesting a date to do it, had found a Groupon coupon and set the appointment for our Girl’s Day Out.  Game on!

Intrigued and not sure what to expect, we helped ourselves to a complimentary cup of tea, took off our shoes and were quietly ushered into “the Salt Room”.  With six comfy, ivory leather recliners, we took our seats along with a mother and daughter who joined us in the room.  The lighting was subtle, the atmosphere – ethereal.  Shortly after the doors were closed, soft music started.  My BFF suggested we use the time to meditate, which was perfect.  The room was a bit cool but soft blankets were provided.  As I meditated, I breathed deeply, using the mindful breathing I’ve been taught in yoga.  Our session was 45 minutes in length and we left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Prior to this day, I owned a lovely Himalayan Salt Lamp. (from  When heated by the 15 watt bulb, the salt rocks emit negative ions, adding healthier air and beauty.

My lovely salt lamp. Both the
My lovely salt lamp. Both the “bowl” and the rocks are salt.

In the days since my visit, I also bought a Himalayan Salt votive holder.

I even did some searching an found a Himalayan Salt Inhaler which was delivered an hour ago!

And in my new enthusiasm for Himalayan Sea Salt, I’m even using it in my cooking.

Lest you think I'm making this up....
Lest you think I’m making this up…