Autumn Wine Tasting

Girl’s Day Project – Bath Products

If you’ve followed this blog, you may recall my five part DIY Bath Products series from late 2015 when I made them for gifts – and for myself. Throughout the year – typically on rainy/snowy days, I’d haul out my supplies and expand my bath products repertoire and inventory.  Working with essential oils is not only fun but the house smells pretty amazing.

My lifelong BFF and I had discussed doing a Girl’s Day of making bath products for the last several months.  To her credit, she set the date and a plan to make: 1) room and body sprays 2) foaming liquid soaps 3) facial sugar scrubs and 4) foaming bath salt scrubs. The coldest day of the year thus far with bursts of snow and wind, it was a good day to be indoors  Shortly before I arrived, she’d texted me a “how about some homemade soup?” to which I quickly replied “Yes!”.

After a very satisfying and delicious lunch (completed with veggies, dill dip and Pinot Noir) we set to work.  Since the wine was opened, we felt it would be wasteful not to finish it off.  This served to enhance our creativity (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).  When you’ve been friends since you were two years old there’s a history of hilarity, silliness and laughing till you’re crying (or snorting) that is tapped into. For several hours, we embraced our zaniness as we worked on our fragrant endeavors, measuring and blending away like we were chemists. Or stand-up comics.  Or both.

Dont’be fooled, the gin is an ingredient for the products….

Fun with funnels……



IMG_7484 2.JPG
My products



I’d love to take credit for these quotes on friendship but I can only share the word of others who’ve said what I feel.  What I’ll add is that I’m thankful for my friends who’ve been a constant source of support, love, hilarity, therapy and blessings.

59 Candles, 59 Things – part thirty seven

Forty fifth thing:  As I continue this series on 59 Things that make me happy, I must mention enduring friendships.

I’ve been blessed by long-lasting friendships. One of my two best friends, was my first-ever friend from the age of two. The other, I’ve known half my life (and I’m racing towards 60 in May) who for a time was my roommate. Oh the stories they could tell….

There are more long time friendships that I treasure dearly.  Last night I got together with three ladies I worked with in a position I left 25 years ago. At the credit bureau I added two more dear pals who remain in my life and a couple more amazing girlfriends from my final career stop prior to retirement. Another treasured friend, I’ve known since I was ten and she was married to a family friend. Over the years that age difference was of no consequence and any time spent with her is treasured.

I’d be remiss to leave out my sister and my mom who I consider to be friends and confidantes as well as my family.

To all of the incredible women who honor me with their friendship, love, compassion and unwavering support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Life with you in it is richer given the memories we’ve made and the laughter we’ve shared.

Here’s hoping for many more years….


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Sunday Afternoon Tea

My antique teacup & saucer, each one unique & lovely.

Atlas Afternoon Tea

“Our very first proper English Tea, will consist of a delightful array of tea, and three traditional courses for our afternoon party! You’ll drink your tea from beautiful antique china tea cups and enjoy the socializing with other guests as we take you back to a long forgotten tradition. Yummy finger sandwiches, English scones served with butter, clotted cream, and strawberry jam. The light meal is finished with sweet cakes, tarts, and other pastries.”

Lovely fruit served with the scones, crumpets, jams & spreads including Devonshire Cream
Lovely fruit served with the scones, crumpets, jams & spreads including Devonshire Cream 

My guests and I enjoyed an Afternoon Tea earlier today at the country club where Spence and I have a social membership.  On this gorgeous fall day, my Mom, sister, daughter-in-law and one of my two BFF’s (the other is visiting her son in Denver) joined me for fun, spirited conversation and delightful tea service.

Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwiches
Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwiches

Lobster Tea Sandwich
Lobster Tea Sandwiches

Chicken Salad with Radish Tea Sandwiches
Chicken Salad with Radish Tea Sandwiches

Pretty little bites
Pretty little bites

The gals and I – what a grand time!