59 Candles, 59 Things – Part Five

Yes indeed, at only my eighth thing, I see no end in sight for the 59 random happy things series. You may be wondering…..can she do it?  Stay tuned.

Eighth thing: I could have stretched and done this as the eighth and ninth entry but how can you not put these two together? My cats, Tipper and Biscotti (aka The Biscuit) who are natural brothers (though with different kitty daddy’s) were born to a beautiful feral calico cat, Chica, in our backyard. Her first litter bore four kittens, two sets of twins. It was a hot summer and Chica was doing her best but we could sense that she wasn’t producing enough milk and started supplementing soft wet food for her babies. I can see them yet, four tiny kittens with all sixteen paws in the bowl.  They sounded like tiny velociraptors going after that food. Chica didn’t mind us handling her kittens, she was a very lovable girl herself and knew Spence and I were “cat people”. The kittens were fun and rambunctious, climbing the tree, running across the garage roof, back to the tree and leaping into the flower carpeted ground below. My stepson and his family adopted one of each twin, dubbing them “Cubby and Scout”.  A co-worker claimed her young children very much wanted a kitten. They took Tipper (naming him Bubba – say what?) and quickly became disenchanted because he wanted to play and sleep on their beds (I secretly wondered what was wrong with them). I had told her, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll take him back – and I did. At this point, we’d adopted Biscotti, having lost first our fifteen year old girl, Kiki and a month later, our twenty year old, Cricket. We still had ten year old Chester but there was no question, Tipper was coming home. Having spent only a week apart, the happy reunion of these brothers was priceless. Sadly we lost our Chester about a year later.

Tipper and Biscotti fill our hearts with love. They love to play, snuggle, birdwatch, hide and give kitty kisses. I can’t imagine our life without them.

Kittens and Puppies doing Yoga

Credit where credit is due, this is part of a compilation from a Facebook feed called “Beautiful and Amazing Photo Collection”.  If you read my blog at all, then you understand, I had no choice in sharing this.  If only I could get Tipper and the Biscuit to do yoga.  They try and do it with me, not successfully but never without making me laugh.

Monday Greetings from Tipper & Biscotti

Since I started blogging, Tipper and the Biscuit (Biscotti’s alias) are intrigued by seeing their pictures on the screen of my MACBook Pro.  They are aware that to date, people from 11 countries have viewed the blog and are certain that the draw is them because they are so adorable (and they could be right). So at their urging and as a nod to their “fans”, they’ve asked that I post on their behalf today.  Who am I to refuse?