Fall Flowers Still Blooming & Meet My Little Friend

In Michigan, we’ve already had two hard frosts and as a result, there was a lot of collateral damage. That said, there are a few plants still hanging on and creating happiness as the autumn leaves fall around them.  IMG_7593


photo 3


photo 1

photo 2

While taking these pictures, I spotted this little caterpillar and decided to get up close and personal.  At first he does nothing, then he takes off with a speed I didn’t expect.

Why I Love Michigan in Autumn

This group of trees is a few houses up the road from our home and is always the most brilliant example of Michigan Autumn at it’s best. We’ve had a pretty dry couple of weeks and the color change is beautiful, with the leaves hanging on longer and the colors becoming richer. Today, after admiring them for years I couldn’t resist taking this photo.