Scenes from Europe – Part Ten – Amsterdam – architecture, street scenes, markets & more

Amsterdam is the one of the most unique and diverse cities we’ve ever visited. The architecture, houseboats, canals, flower markets, bicycles – unlike any place Spence or I have ever traveled.  We are completely enamored of this special place and I’ve already started looking at a possible return trip in 2016 – fingers crossed. If you’ve never been, I implore you – visit Amsterdam!

Scenes from Europe – Part Nine – Amsterdam – Houseboats & Canal Cruising

On our European adventure, we started and ended in Amsterdam. For the first three days, we rented a houseboat, a unique and fun experience. I don’t think I’ve slept better in my life than being “rocked” gently to sleep.  The canals are such an integral part of Amsterdam, as are bicycles and houseboats.  The architecture was stunning and is unlike anywhere else in the world.  Every moment spent in this lovely city was memorable.

Our houseboat with Spence (by the green door). Once you entered, our apartment was to the left, another to the right.
Our little kitchenette and door to the bathroom.
Our window and seating area. Ducks were frequent visitors, swimming by and climbing up to sun themselves on the side rails.
Our comfy bed and armoire. Not fancy but fabulous and exactly what we needed.

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