I ❤️ Hydrangeas!

Spence and I went to the local greenhouse today in search of a replacement birdbath and mulch. While we didn’t see a birdbath that we loved, I bought the mulch while Spence bought me this gorgeous hydrangea. 


Spence also purchased this little flowering cactus on the left, full of white blossoms. 

We also got this little Pocketbook plant, named for the flowers that look like little handbags. 

And with my first greenhouse purchase behind me, so it begins…..

16 thoughts on “I ❤️ Hydrangeas!

  1. Such deep rich colors! I have a hydrangea bush out back. I can’t wait for it to bloom. Isn’t there something in the soil that makes them that beautiful blue?

    1. I think so. I believe that if you put pennies in the soil they change to pink. I’m determined to get mine to bloom this season and will be researching!

  2. Happy Spring to you. Seems like you had a good day shopping 🙂 I love all flowers and look forward to our Spring and the beauty of all the flowers. Have a lovely week further. 🙂

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