Goodbye Winter Critters

I love this post from a blogger I follow! Spring is imminent……

In Jim's Garden

Winter  Early_Spring_01Yields to Spring.  Early_Spring_02The forest floor comes alive  Early_Spring_03The garden flowers emerge.  Early_Spring_05Striving…  Early_Spring_04Blooming…  Early_Spring_06 This is it.  The moment is at hand!  Spring is springing before our very eyes.

It’s exciting.  It’s awesome.  Everyone is ready.  Ready for Spring! 

But I must take a moment to say goodbye. 

Goodbye to the scene.  Goodbye to the party.  Goodbye to the back yard full of critters.

Goodbye Winter Critters.WinterCritters_02It has been SO much fun!WinterCritters_01I know  – We’ll still see each other around.WinterCritters_02aYou’re not going anywhere. 

But – still –  it’s not the same in Summer. 

You hide in the trees and you find your own food. WinterCritters_03The constant party…WinterCritters_04

Fades away.  Everybody does their own thing.

So – later dudes.  Thanks for the good times.  Thanks for the memories.  You’re off to eat bugs and I’m off to grow flowers. I’m already looking forward to the social season…

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