Tasty Tuesday … Tackling a Ton of Tomatoes

One of my favorite bloggers posted this. I too am enjoying a stellar tomato crop. I wanted to share this with my followers and fellow tomato lovers! Check out her blog while you’re at it!

in cahoots with muddy boots

This has been one of the best ever summers for tomatoes! At least in my garden! Since we had been busy getting ready for a trip earlier this year, all my tomato plants came from a store. In addition, our departure was a  bit before the “ideal” transplant outside into the garden date. The varieties I got were a mix of favorites, have to try a new variety, and hardy, should-survive-a-little-cold-weather-if-temps-went-down. Lucky for me, the weather was good. In addition to getting the plants off to a good start, my friend Misty kept an eye on the garden and watered when needed.
Upon our return from Europe, I was greeted by my tomato jungle. The plants were huge, and loaded with gorgeous tomatoes.

Ever since the first batch ripened, I’ve been picking a huge, and I mean huge bowl of tomatoes several times a week.

Despite eating tomatoes every day for…

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