59 Candles, 59 Things – Part Nineteen

Twenty Seventh thing: Candles make me happy.  And relaxed.  The glow of candles makes my home cozy. I love their soft lighting and calming fragrance.

Before retiring, I would frequently come downstairs in the morning, feed the cats, make a cup of tea and then retreat to the living room.  After lighting several candles and then covering up with a soft blanket (to be followed by snuggling cats), it made being up before sunrise peaceful and was a lovely way to start the day. It’s even better now that I’m retired! (just ask the cats)

Spence and I burn candles most evenings, especially in the winter when they provide our only light other than the blazing fireplace.

I love to give candles as gifts as well as receive them.  Just recently, my lifelong BFF gave me this amazing candle for my birthday.

Lavender Chaparral
Lavender Chaparral – Wild Lavender, Spanish Sage, Dry Chaparral and White Sandalwood

Another favorite of mine is this three wick candle:

Stay tuned for part Twenty as I continue to commemorate my 59th year of life by sharing 59 Things that make me happy! 

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