Pasta alle vongole – Clam pasta / Massa com amêijoas

This is so reminiscent of a dish Spence and I had near Venice a few years back. Simple, perfect.


Very simple clam pasta, Cook pasta al dente. On another pan cook clams with olive oil, white wine and parsley 3 to 4 minutes. On a frying pan add garlic and a touch of olive oil, add the clams let it fry, add the liquid that came out when you were cooking them and adjust the seasoning (salt and chili), mix the pasta inside and let it absorb some flavor and serve. Simple.Perfect.

Massa com amêijoas : Cozinhar a massa ate ficar al dente. Num tacho colocar as amêijoas, vinho branco, um bocadinho de azeite e salsa. Deixar cozinhar durante 3 ou 4 minutos. Numa frigideira colocar alho e azeite, deixar fritar, adicionar as amêijoas e um bocado da agua de cozedura , colocar sal e chili a gosto. Adicionar a massa e deixar cozinhar uns 2 minutos para absorver o sabor e servir imediatamente. Simple mas otima 🙂

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